What is our goal?

What is your goal in life? Think about that for a minute. No, seriously, turn your eyes away from this article and come up with a sentence that reflects your goal in life. Don’t start reading again until you do.

            Did you do it? If not, you’re cheating, and this article will be useless. I’m going to assume that you came up with a goal. As Christians, most of us have a goal that probably sounds something like this, “I want to glorify God in all that I say and do.” That’s great. It’s a great goal. But perhaps it’s not as clear as it ought to be.

            Today, I want to consider this question, but not on a personal level. I want to consider it on a congregational level. What is our goal as Beck’s Baptist Church? What are we trying to accomplish here at 5505 Becks Church Rd? We could just borrow from earlier and say that our goal is to “glorify God in all we say and do”, but while the answer is technically correct, it is so vague that it doesn’t mean anything. For instance, what if I asked a Fortune 500 company what their goals were for the year 2018. If they responded vaguely by saying, “Our goal is to do well,” then 2018 would probably turn out to be a rather lackluster year. It needs to be more specific. This is why when Jesus commissions his disciples at the end of Matthew he gives specific goals and instructions. It would have been terribly confusing for us if Matthew 28:19 read, “Go ye therefor and do good.” We’d be confused because we’d wonder, “What is included in this ‘good’ and how do we do it?” Fortunately, he was a bit more specific. “Go therefor and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them… teaching them.” Praise God for specific goals.

So I ask again, what is the goal of Beck’s Baptist Church? Do you know? Take a minute to answer that question again before moving on. Were you able to come up with an answer? Is it a clear and easy question or did you find yourself just making something up that seemed right? If not then that’s a problem we need to address together.

Now, let me be clear that our goal should not be defined by what “we want”. The church was never meant to be a place where everyone got what they wanted. It’s a place that changes our desires and aligns them with Christ’s. Everyone has their own opinions of what they’d like to see happen, but frankly none of those matter. We should be desperately searching the scriptures to see what it is that God has called us to accomplish here in Winston-Salem. It should be clear, simple, and achievable. Having a common goal will have the wonderful side effect of becoming a great uniting factor. When we all rally around the same thing, we will find that we have all rallied together.

            I care about Beck’s Baptist Church. I want to see our church succeed. I want to see God change lives through it and create disciples here and send people to reach the nations from our midst. So I encourage our church to periodically engage in the very healthy exercise of self-evaluation. The words of the great hymn Come thou Fount are true for churches as much as they are for individuals. “Prone to wander Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.” The ones who wander are the ones who take their eyes of the goal. Let’s be a church that has a clear biblical goal and is united around our desire to achieve it.

What is our goal?