What We Believe

Our Beliefs

The beliefs of Beck’s Baptist Church are founded upon our understanding of the Holy Scripture which we believe to be God’s true authoritative Word to mankind.

We believe that although man was created in the image of God, he is a sinner by nature and by choice, resulting in broken fellowship with God and man, sickness, suffering, physical death, and spiritual death. We, therefore, believe a person’s greatest need is to be forgiven of sin and reconciled to God

We, also, believe that by nature, God is not only holy and just, but also loving, compassionate, and merciful. His sovereign will is to reconcile fallen humanity to himself. This divine mission of redemption, which results in spiritual health and wholeness, was made possible by the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, God’s son, and is made real to individuals through the grace of God and personal repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ.

We further believe that upon Christ’s ascension back to heaven, He gave to His church the mission of redemption. Therefore, as the body of Christ, we believe the church must glorify God by making disciples of all people through acts of worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, and fellowship.

Find out how you, too, can be assured of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

As a spiritually redeemed family of faith, the Beck’s Baptist Church exists for the purpose of glorifying God. By using every Biblical means, the church’s task is to make disciples of all people beginning in its own community and extending to the ends of the earth. To fulfill the task of making disciples, Beck’s Baptist Church shall:

  • Provide meaningful worship for members and non-members.
  • Assist belivers to grow toward spiritual maturity by providing discipleship and Christian education opportunities.
  • Evangelize the spiritually lost with sensivity and compassion.
  • Implement ministries which will meet identified needs in the church and community including spiritual, psychological, social, and physical.
  • Enhance fellowship and unity among the church family and in the community.